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Why Positive Thinking Matters

We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking. Research has proven that positive thinking is good for your mind and body. OK great, but what does that have to do with your business? 

It has everything to do with your business! Let me explain.

Why is Positive Thinking so Important?

Does it really matter if you see the glass half full or half empty? Will that really affect your business? 

Well maybe not in super obvious ways, but in the long run it really does. Optimism does a lot for you in every aspect of your life. 

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How Optimism Can Affect Your Business mentioned a University of Pennsylvania study that found optimists treat failure differently than pessimists. While those who are negative can become depressed from failure, optimists treat failing as a learning experience and figure out how they can do better in the future. 

You’re not going to do everything right in your business. It’s just a fact. You will make mistakes. Take them as learning experiences and make your business even better because of them. Find ways to move forward anyway. You may find that these failures lead to even greater success. mentioned another study found that optimism can lead people to succeed in their work and stick with it during tough times. 

It may not be easy, but keeping a positive mindset throughout your work can help you on the road to success.

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How to Think Positive

So how can you keep up the positive thinking? This doesn’t mean failure and difficulties don’t frustrate you. We are human after all. We’re going to get disappointed. 

The difference between optimists and pessimists, is optimists find ways to move forward despite the difficulty

How can you do this? Here are three ways:

1. Only focus on what you can control.

Unfortunately we can’t control everything. As a result, unexpected outcomes will arise. Don’t let yourself be deterred by this. Focus on those things you can control and move forward. 

FOR EXAMPLE: You can’t force people to want to list their property with you. You can’t guarantee the number of people who will decide to work with you. But you CAN go out and meet new people. You CAN be active on social media where more people can see your brand. You CAN encourage friends and family to pass along your information. 



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2. Find what works for you.

What works for someone else down the street may not work for you. If you don’t like spending money on networking events to meet new people, find something else. Maybe instead you participate in activities in your community to meet neighbors and make new friends. 

There are several ways to get a result. Find what you like and what works for you and your schedule

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3. Find ways to manage your stress.

Everyone manages stress differently. Some people need their weekly yoga class, some people like taking hikes to enjoy the nature, while others prefer to make time for friends and family. 

However you handle your stress, be sure to MAKE TIME FOR IT! The excuse of “I don’t have time” won’t cut it. If you don’t have time to manage your stress, you’re in trouble. You’ll eventually get out of control (and likely soon). Prioritize time for this each week so that you can keep your sanity.


Overall positive thinking is vital for your mental and physical health. Practice staying optimistic and you’ll see improvements in your life and in your business.



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