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Get Pre-Approved –- Make an offer: We will work together to fill out your mortgage loan application, review credit, and gather the documents needed for a pre-approval. A pre-approval lets you go shopping for a home with confidence so that you know exactly what you can afford and that you feel prepared to move forward! If you are looking to refinance an existing mortgage loan, this would be the stage that we review numbers for you to ensure your refinance is structured with your financial goals in mind.


Start the home loan process: Once you are under contract to purchase a home or ready to start a refinance, the loan officially begins. We will also work together to make sure that all your documents are up to date and ready to be processed. Your appraisal is ordered now to help you determine that the home’s value is in line with your contract price if you are purchasing and in line with your financial goals if you are refinancing.


Submit to underwriting: At this time we will submit all of your loan documents to underwriting. Underwriting will review your file and give us a list of additional documents needed to close the mortgage. We will let you know if we need your help in gathering those documents. Once we have everything in, the underwriter will issue a final approval and clear to close on your home!


Closing!!: 3 days before the actual closing is set to occur, you will receive a copy of the Closing Disclosure to sign. Once this is signed, we are able to schedule your final signing at the title company. The title company is a 3rd party company that compiles all of the documents and helps to ensure all the funds are exchanged correctly between all parties. Once the funds are received at title, they will record the trust deed and the transaction will be complete! If you are purchasing a home, this is when you get your keys! If you are refinancing your mortgage, this is when your new loan goes into effect.

St. George: 435-216-3081 | Richfield: 435-201-6150 | AZ: 480-244-9002


“Brandon with the Staples Group has managed three mortgages in the past 2 years for me. His level of service is absolutely excellent. After two years and numerous contacts with potential mortgage companies, Brandon & Becky were the only broker who figured out why I was having difficulty securing a HARP and managed to close that loan.”

Dr. Ivan Filner

“Becky was awesome to work with during the mortgage process for our first home. From start to finish, she made it very smooth and always kept us in the loop with what was going on. Becky was very patient with me as I had her crunch numbers for several different scenarios and she seemed more than happy to do it. I would definitely recommend the Staples Group and all of their team to anyone looking to buy a home.”

Trevor Lyon

“We loved the services Aubrie us. Whenever I called or had a question, they could answer it in a timely manner. This was huge to us as purchasing a home is a major financial decision and we needed someone that could walk us throughout with knowledge and patience. Aubrie was also friendly and professional. They seemed to have our best interest at heart. Thanks a ton. We plan on referring any or our friends or family.”

Val Jensen

“I was purchasing my own home for the very first time. Nan Glauser was the first person I considered. I have known her for over 20 years and INTEGRITY is just one of the many words to describe her. She was on top of all the paperwork required and never steered me wrong. Was upfront on what my chances were for loan approval and gave me great suggestions to help my credit score… Highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home… When you get to meet Nan, you will see what a great, fun and positive person she is. Very contagious laugh and will provide the Best Customer Service on top of the wealth of information she gives you.”

Janette Shannon

“My situation was not an easy one by any means. Brandon and Becky handled it like a couple of pros. If you are looking for people who know their stuff and actually care about their customers the Staples group is the way to go! ”

Malissa K.

“Susan Jarvis – Real Estate Agent – ERA Brokers Consolidated I highly recommend using The Staples Group when you need a mortgage expert! As a REALTOR I send my clients to Brandon & Becky Staples because I know they will get the answers they need and the service they desire. I appreciate the way Brandon and Becky make themselves available and facilitate the closings for my clients. All my clients love them!”

Susan Jarvis

“Becky and Brandon were AWESOME! I Send all of my real estate clients to them, as when I purchased a home in October and I was told by a different mortgage company that I was getting the best deal possible. After a few weeks, I decided to get a second quote. Not only were Becky and Brandon extremely knowledgeable and friendly, they saved me a ton of money. My payment was a lot less and my fees to them were less. Thanks again you guys for the outstanding service and closing on time. You guys are the BEST!”

Joe Eves

“The Staples Group were amazing. Not only do I send my clients to them, I used them on my personal purchase. They kept us informed about our loan. Told us about the timelines. They were patient with us. Expained everything we needed to know, they are execellent in their customer service!”

Pam Thornton

“I work with Becky and Brandon in a professional setting with my clients and have also worked with her on two of my loans. All I can say is Becky is the best!!! With my personal loans she was very helpful and on top of everything! Made my whole experience east and stress free! Will definitely be recommending her to everyone! Everyone at the Staples Group was great to work with!!!! ”

Melanie Cowdin

“As I live in California and was purchasing a property in Utah, I had to do the entire loan over the phone which can be a bit scary. Initially, I was worried because I had never met them, but my realtor assured me they were the best! He was right! The service I received was very professional and high quality. I was very satisfied during the entire process including timely communication and efficient paper trails. It will be really easy to refer any future clients and friends. Thanks ”

Kai Weisser

“We worked with the Staples Group as a recommendation from our Realtor. We had a short closing date to work with on a home purchase. Someone was always available to speak with me and I could tell that work was being done on our loan application outside of regular office hours. Becky and Aubry went above and beyond our expectations to get our loan closed. We will definitely do business with them in the future. ”

Melissa Ackerlund

“After working with multiple companies trying to refinance our house and being consistently frustrated with the lack of devotion and care given, Becky took the time to look at our situation and was able to refinance us and get us back to a normal rate when all others said they couldn’t. We had a really high interest rate and an extremely high mortgage payment. Becky was able to save us over $700 dollars a month!!! Our situation simply needed somebody that was willing to put in a little extra time and go the extra mile which she did. They helped us to get back to normal after the economic downturn nearly ruined us. Now thanks to them we are buying again and there is nobody else we would even think to use. ”

Melissa Webb

“My wife and I went to Becky and Brandon to refinance our home mortgage. Long story short, we now save over $800 per month on our payment! Not kidding. $800 per month. They are also a pleasure to work with. ”

Keith C.

“I worked with Becky and Aubrie throughout the loan process and they were fantastic! The communication throughout was excellent, and I never had to wonder about where we were in the process. We weren’t sure we’d qualify, but Becky helped us get everything where it needed to be and into the home we really wanted. We were under a time crunch and she was able to expedite things like the appraisal to get us into the home before we had to pay another months rent. Both Becky and Aubrie were a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a highly competent, and very personable mortgage company. Thanks Becky and Aubrie! We love our new home!”

Charles Bearman

“Becky Staples and the rest of the team at First Colony Mortgage are mortgage experts. At the time we began shopping for our first home, I had just finished school in another state and was moving back to Utah a few months before I would begin a new job, and so we decided to use a lease option to purchase a home. When we first went under contract, we were actually using a different lending group for the mortgage. However, the other lending group gave us some inaccurate advice and offered us a loan program that ultimately was not available. These mistakes were significant enough that we were worried we would not be able to close according to our contract, and that we may even lose our option money, which was over half of our down payment. At this point, we listened to a family member’s recommendation and got in contact with Becky and her team at First Colony Mortgage. They worked tirelessly with us, our realtor, and the sellers over the remaining months of our lease period. As a result of their efforts, we not only were able to close on our home, but we even saved money in comparison what we would have paid with the other lending group. On multiple occasions during this process, our realtor, who had never worked with First Colony Mortgage before, commented on how impressed she was that Becky was putting our interests ahead of her own.”

Tanner Frei

“Brandon & Becky helped us get financing for our home. We were first time home buyers and they followed up with us every few days to provide status updates and make sure we had everything on track. They always answered or returned our calls promptly, were honest, and helpful. Once we got notice from the seller’s bank that we could close(it was a short sale – Bank of America), Staples helped us approve and fund our loan not only in time to meet the 14 day deadline, but 4 days ahead of schedule! ”

Matt Walter

“I have known Brandon and Becky for a number of years. I have personally closed two loans with them and I have referred a number of home buyers to them. They do a great job, and I recommend their service to any of my clients needing a home loan! ”

Neil Walter

“The Staples team is the best of the best! I never hesitate to refer any of my clients to them because I know they are being taken care of. Communication is paramount in the loan process, and no one does it better then The Staples team. I will continue to use them because of the expertise and professionalism as well. You can always count on them getting the job done! ”

Blair Frei

My situation was not an easy one by any means. Brandon and Becky handled it like a couple of pros. If you are looking for people who know their stuff and actually care about their customers the Staples group is the way to go!

Andrew V.

“I love working with the Staples Group! I never have to worry about lender issues when my buyers use them. They are proactive, and always make sure buyers are updated along the way. I recently completed a deal and my clients used a “national” lender, it was a good reminder of how important it is to stay local and use Becky Staples! If you are shopping for a lender I urge you to give the Staples Group a call.”

Kevin Richey

“As a real estate broker, I get to work with most of the lenders in town. Becky & Brandon Staples and their team stand out as true professionals. They are the only lenders to whom I refer my clients, and are the only loan officers I trust to handle my personal and business loans. They consistently offer the best interest rates, best loan terms, and can usually close the loan ahead of schedule. If you want to work with a professional team who will exceed your expectations, you have no other choice. ”

Joe Allen