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VA Loans

VA Loans

Affordable Home Financing. This is a Veterans Administration (VA)  insured loan available to Veterans of the Armed Forces. It allows for 103% financing, allowing a veteran to purchase a home with no money down and pay for closing expenses afterward. The VA charges an up-front funding fee (which can be financed into the loan) that varies based on whether or not it is the borrower’s first time getting a VA mortgage. This program is ideal for Veterans looking for the most cost-effective and affordable home loan financing.

Why Choose a Veterans Administration Home Loan?

Why We Chose a VA Loan

I moved across the country for a new job opportunity in Southern Utah. As I didn’t know any local lenders, my realtor recommended I use Becky for my VA loan. I am glad I did. She and her team kept me very informed and I felt like they were very organized. This helped take some off the load of for me during the big move. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends!

-The Hicks Family

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