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Top 5 Pest Control Companies in the East Valley

Who likes having cockroaches, spiders and scorpions run around their yard and home carefree? Anyone? Ya, I didn’t think so. Eliminating all the annoying pests is important for your health and sanity.

Although pest control can be done on your own, there comes a time when it’s important to call in professional help. When the job starts to get a little overwhelming, call up a pest control company. Not only does it save you time (and potentially money in the long-run), but it’s safer and more reliable as they are trained for the job and use chemicals that are safe for you, your family and other wildlife.

(This “Insect Free” article has more information on why you should use a professional.)

Here are the TOP 5 Pest Control Companies in the East Valley.

Need some professional help? Check out one of these East Valley pest control companies.


1. Green Mango Pest Control

Green Mango Pest Control is a business in the Phoenix Valley that uses “the safest, purest, longest lasting products on the market,” allowing them to offer high-quality service.

Green Mango avoids harmful, low-quality pesticides while still leaving your property perfectly controlled! They have a thorough process that allows them to clean out the infestation as well as proactively protect the rest of your property. They offer free inspections as well! Learn more about their service HERE.

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2. X-Out Pest Services, LLC

X-Out Pest Servicesunderstands the importance of our homes feeling safe and comfortable. They start by flushing out pests inside your home and putting up a barrier of protection on the exterior. After the initial flush, they’ll keep the outside protected with regular treatments so you don’t have to worry about the nasty pests again. Learn more about their services HERE.

3. Responsible Pest Control, Inc.

Responsible Pest Control services the greater Phoenix area as well as Tucson with the extermination of pests. They use responsible methods that are safe for the entire family and your pets. Their services not only get rid of pests, but prevent future infestations. Learn more about their services HERE. 

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4. Arizona Exterminating Co

Arizona Exterminating Co offers Pestfree365, guaranteeing that you’ll be pest-free ALL YEAR LONG! This prevention program will keep your property free from over 36 of the most common pests all year. Learn more about their services HERE.

5. Environmental Pest & Termite Control, LLC

Environmental Pest & Termite Control specializes in termites and pests native to Arizona. With decent prices and well-trained professionals, they can help your home be pest free.  Learn more about their services HERE.

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