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Create a Fanatical Tribe: Connecting With Your Community

There really is an art and a science to marketing your brand and connecting with your community. Becoming more knowledgeable on this can change your life and your Mortgage or Real Estate business. While the numbers and technical stuff is all pretty important, mastering the art and creative side is where the real magic happens!

Consumers can sense when they’re just being treated like a simple “transaction.” Where you should be really focusing your time, money, and energy is figuring out how to get your community pumped and truly addicted to your business- coming back over and over. Sending referrals your way and recommending you to anyone that will listen!

There is a psychology behind this.

Successful marketer and entrepreneur Russell Brunson takes us inside his brilliant mind on HOW to create a fanatical tribe and why connecting with your community is so crucial. 

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In this podcast Russell discusses an epiphany he had that helped him become an expert on this topic. He was attending a software event with a business partner. Immediately as he walked in the room he felt passion and emotion pouring out of these people. People at this event were telling stories of how these different softwares impacted their lives. Russell was shocked at everyone’s behavior, especially since some of these software programs weren’t that impressive to him. 

Then it hit him. These software companies had created a movement. Something they did with their brand obviously connected emotionally with consumers that made them care on a deeper level. It wasn’t just about their product or business, but how the company made them feel. This sparked the thought “How do you create a movement?” 

He carried this thought with him and used it to dig even deeper. Russell looked up what common themes political figures used in their campaigns. He also did this with religious leaders and their movements, successful companies- even cults! From this research, he realized there is a very clear pattern to their success connecting to communities. It goes something like this:

1. Charismatic Leader

Every SINGLE movement in history has always had a charismatic leader or an attractive character. Take a moment and analyze every fast growing company or powerful movement. Apple for example, had Steve Jobs as their main character of the company. create a fanatical tribe - steve jobsHe was brilliant and consumers felt that from him every time he introduced a new and exciting product. Martin Luther King Jr. was an exhilarating speaker who changed the world with his speeches and movements. These are just a couple examples, but take a minute and think of your favorite company and see who they’ve chosen as their leader or main character. 

create a fanatical tribe - mlk

Russell talks about the reason this charismatic figure is necessary, saying that we as consumers want to plug into something or somebody. We want to associate someone like-able with that particular product or business. 

If being the face for your company scares or intimidates you, do the research for other figures or faces that can be used. Studies have proven that for long term success this is key to connecting deeper to your audience and community. 


2. Future based cause, taking people forward

Have you ever wondered how much of an effect political campaigns really have on people? Did you know that almost EVERY single winning campaign talked about moving forward or discussed changing the future?

Former President Barack Obama used the term Forward in all his slogans and campaigns. President Donald Trump uses “Make America Great Again”. Why does this work?

create a fanatical tribe - obama

People don’t have faith in the present and always want to move towards greener pastures. Successful weight loss and personal training companies focus on what your body will look like AFTER you purchase their fitness program. They promote “before & after” pictures of success stories and testimonials. 

Talk to your clients about what you can change in their future and help them envision it! Use this tactic and amplify it for major success in your business. 

3. Improvement Offer

This last point Russell points out is the most important, but least understood. Creating a movement is all about how you structure what you are presenting to the world. A very small percentage of the world is incredibly ambitious. Most people want to do the very minimum required, so selling ambition doesn’t convert very well. What are you offering consumers that’s any different from what they have now? How will that motivate them to take action?

To use Steve Jobs again as an example, before Ipods came around everyone was using a good ole CD player. When he was pitching his newest invention, he didn’t pull out a “new & improved” CD player for the world to see. He pulled out of his pocket a tiny Ipod and showed his audience the future. 

What improved future do you want your clients and community to see? 

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Share Your Story

The last portion of this incredible podcast, is where Russell talks about the importance of being vulnerable and sharing your backstory. When your community gets to know you personally and feels a more genuine side of you coming through, they will be more attracted to your business. This could be something as simple as sharing some personal photos and updates on your business page every once in awhile.

In conclusion, if you want to see your business exponentially grow you need to be more authentic and engaging with your audience. Research all the best ways to start connecting with your community, putting together fun events, and creating lasting friendships. 


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