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6 Techniques to Buy a House with Bad Credit (#4 is our Favorite!)

For a vast majority of people, buying a house without taking applying for a mortgage is nearly impossible. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance a home is a privilege reserved for a few.

As it stands, to qualify for a home buying mortgage, you need a good credit score. This requirement has cut off many people from achieving their homeownership dreams. However, the good news is that having a bad credit score is not a condemnation that you will never own a home.

In this post, we share some insights to help Americans buy a house with bad credit. Thus, if you have forever longed to buy a house in Utah but felt the bad credit is keeping you from attaining the dream, we have some nice ideas to help you achieve the dream.

1.Get Your Credit Score Report

The first thing when it comes to buying a house is checking the credit score. You can download a credit score report online for free or ask your banker to help you get the credit score report. Alternatively, the credit card companies can help you get the current credit score. Thus, it is a good idea you check the current credit score so that you can know the way forward.

2. Check for Erroneous Entries

Now that you have the credit score report, scan through for errors on the report. Remember that the credit score represents the calculation of credit data in your credit report. Thus, the credit report has the historical data of how you handled credit repayments. A wrong entry on the credit report results in a bad credit score. In our analysis of the credit score report, you want to see if some bad entries could be ones affecting your credit score. Any errors should be disputed with the credit bureaus immediately.

3. Consider Paying Higher Interest Rates

You  can still qualify for a home buying mortgage with a lower credit score if you are willing to pay a higher interest rate. Mortgage lenders will charge high-interest rates to borrowers with a low credit score. The high-interest rate is to cushion the mortgage lenders in case of late repayments or missed mortgage repayments altogether.

Thus, if you choose to pay a high-interest rate, bear in mind that it means you have to pay a high mortgage repayment altogether. in that regard, you need a plan to cushion you during the period of mortgage repayments.

4. Apply For Government Insured Mortgage

A mortgage-backed by the government will have lenient credit score requirements compared to the conventional home mortgage. Thus, the government-backed mortgages help thousands of people looking to buying a house but have a poor credit score. The government-backed mortgages are also less risky for mortgage lenders.

Here are some good alternatives when it comes to government-backed mortgages for borrowers with poor credit.

  • The FHA home Mortgage

An FHA home mortgage is a loan that is backed by the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA home loan is available to first-time borrowers who have not purchased a home in the past three years. The FHA home loan requires a minimum credit score of 580. For borrowers who can raise up to 10% mortgage down payment, the credit score goes to as low as 500.

  • The VA Loan

Veterans or active-duty members of the armed forces qualify for the VA loan, which is backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. There is no specific credit score to qualify for the VA loan, but the borrower has to meet all other requirements.

5. Raise a Higher Down Payment

Mortgage lenders may be willing to take a chance on a borrower who has offered to pay a high down payment. Ideally, the logic of paying a high down payment is similar to agreeing to pay a high-interest rate. The mortgage lenders believe that a borrower with a low credit score is less likely to default if they have invested a huge amount as the down payment.

6. Work on Credit Score Improvement

While you can still buy a house in Utah even if you have bad credit, clearing your name is still the best approach. Unfortunately, clearing your name does not happen quickly, and will require some financial discipline. To start improving your credit score, consider paying all the bills on time. In addition, be sure to pay down as much of your credit card debt as possible.


I hope that you now have a good understanding of how buying a house with bad credit works. While getting a mortgage is easier, a bad credit score will complicate the process. Talk to your mortgage lenders for the best options that will enable you to buy a house in Utah even though you have a bad credit score.

Warning! Are You Considering Buying a Home?

Renting vs. buying is a debate that is on the mind of many Americans. Well, there are pros and cons of renting or home buying. The bottom line is that we all need a place we can call home, and have a sense of belonging. Before making the big decision on whether to rent or buy a home, you need to research well.

Are you struggling to decide whether to go for home rentals or start your home buying process? In this post, we feature the two sides of either of these options. My objective is to help Americans make a decision when it comes to renting vs. buying.

1. Mortgage Repayment vs. Rent Cycles

To decide on whether to go for home rentals or settle for home buying, it is important we evaluate what each of these decisions will involve. If you choose home rentals, you need to be prepared to get into monthly rent cycles. On the other hand, home buying may require a well-laid plan to ensure timely mortgage repayments.

Reasons you may choose mortgage over rent

  • For a vast majority of Americans, it is not easy saving a lump sum to buy a home in cash. A home mortgage makes home buying affordable. By taking a home buying mortgage, the homebuyer spreads the repayments on the home loan over a certain period. The amount repaid every month could be higher compared to monthly rent, but the advantage is that you pay for a certain period only. This is unlike rent cycles where you will not stop paying for as long as you live in home rentals.
  • The mortgage repayment amount is a predetermined figure so long as you choose a fixed interest rate. Thus, the homebuyer is able to plan his or her finances. This is because it is clear that a certain amount needs to be repaid on a monthly basis for a predetermined number of years. However, for home rentals, the property owners choose the rates by which to increase the amount of rent. This makes it difficult for the renters to have a clear financial plan.

Why Rent could be Preferable over Mortgages

  • Not everyone qualifies for a mortgage! Owing to the disqualification, a huge percent of Americans prefer to remain renters.
  • The mortgage application process is lengthy and tedious, and so not a viable solution if you need a home urgently. This occurs especially when you are relocating to a new town to chase a business opportunity

As we have illustrated, renting vs. buying a home requires proper though to what you are getting into. Thus, if stuck on whether to take a mortgage or to keep paying rent, we hope this part will be a revelation.

2. Consider Flexibility

Do you prefer living in one neighborhood for years or you prefer a mobile lifestyle? This is more of a personal preference.

  • If you prefer an option where you can pack and leave overnight, you are better off choosing home rentals. With home rentals, you just need to issue a notice of intent to vacate to the property owner, and you are free to go. This is so long as you have met all the preset conditions, with reference to the lease agreement.
  • However, if you are looking for a place to call home especially after retirement, home buying remains the better option. Consider that selling your home could require months of waiting.

Ideally, renting a home is better for those in business and want to be able to move at any time. On the other side, home buying is ideal for families looking to have a place to call home at any time regardless of one’s career. The reality is that many Americans will prefer renting when traveling to cities and have a home where they can raise children.

3. Equity

Well, when it comes to measuring success in life, one’s net worthy counts. For renters, you cannot claim ownership of that property you are living in. However, for homeowners, they have full entitlement so long as they are to date with mortgage repayments. In that regard, most Americans will prefer home buying as it comes with an opportunity to grow one’s net worth.  Remember that paying monthly rent amounts to helping the property owner clear the mortgage, which is equivalent to building his or her net worth.

4. Do you Prefer Having Freedom to Customize Your Home

Home rental comes with restrictions on home improvement. For instance, you cannot repaint the home without express authorization from the property owners. This means that renters do not have the freedom to make any room additions or build a granny unit within the same compound.

However, home buying means you are the property owner and can do anything just to customize your home. Thus, if you prefer the ability to customize your home, choose home buying over home rentals.


Renting vs. Buying can be a tough decision to make. However, with the insights shared in this document, I hope you are able to make a decision. Do you feel that home buying is the better option? Talk to experts to help you understand the options you have when it comes to borrowing home buying mortgage.

The Ultimate Guide for Renting in St. George, Utah

Renting a home is often the easiest and cheaper option. Remember that renting comes with more flexibility compared to homeownership. Moreover, renters require less financial commitment to get started.

While many Americans are looking to homeownership at some point, there are times when the only alternative is renting a home. For example, when you live and work in a place where you are not able to afford to buy, renting a home remains the next option.

Whether getting into rent cycles for financial reasons or lifestyle reasons, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with the tips for renting a home. Let us get started.

1. Know the Kind of Home You Are Searching

If you have settled on renting a home, the best place to start is to determine the kind of home you are looking to rent. Are you looking to rent a Condo or a family house with own compound? It is up to the tenant to come up with a list of features to look out for when searching for the best home rentals.

This list will be used as the reference point when searching for the best home rentals. The list of features makes the process of searching for a home rental easier and convenient.renting a home

2. Research the Area

Think about the most convenient place to rent a home in St. George Utah. Are you looking for a rental home located near your place of work? Do you wish to live in the cities or you prefer suburbs. While choosing the best area to live, remember that the location will most likely affect the rental price. For instance, living within the city is bound to be more expensive than living in suburban areas.

In that regard, it is important that the tenants research an area before committing their money as a security deposit. Avoid renting a home without doing some research to discover how habitable the area is.

3. Talk to a Responsible Property Management Agency

Property management agents help tenants discover the best rental properties they have been searching for. Thus, as you research the best area to rent a home, keep looking out for the best real estate agents within the area. When you have found a reliable property management agent in St. George Utah, issue the agent with the list of requirements. Remember that the objective of having the list of requirements is to make it easier to find the best home rentals.

The advantage of hiring a property management agent is that it simplifies the process of finding the best home rentals in your area. Moreover, working with an agent saves time and your money.

4. Read Through the Contractual Terms Carefully

When it comes to renting a home, property owners will prepare a list of terms and conditions that every tenant must meet. It is important that you read and familiarize yourself with these important terms. Remember that not abiding by the tenancy requirements could result in loss of tenancy, which means you have to start the search for a rental again.

In that regard, on your first meeting with the property owner or property management agent, ask for the tenancy agreement. Make sure you read the document thoroughly. If you intend to move in with another person, he or she needs to read the rules too. This helps to avoid surprises later while trying to settle down.

5. Inspect the Property

Similar to buying a home, while renting a home, you need to do a property inspection. This should be done before you have signed the lease document. When it comes to property inspection, you may talk to a qualified property inspector to help you with the process. Inspecting rental property involves checking whether the property is well built; inspect water pressure in the showers and the faucets, checking if all door locks are in good working condition.

Thus, once you have gone through the lease document and you are ready to sign, remember to ask for a property inspection before you have made any commitments. Property inspection is important regardless of whether you are renting a newly built property or an older property. Be sure to involve a property management agent or at least, experienced property inspection experts.

6. Pay Security Deposit on Time

When it comes to renting a property, you will be required to pay a security deposit. The security deposit is meant to take care of any damages while staying in that house. Paying the security deposit and rent in full secures the rental property. Thus, you are assured that the property will not be rented to another tenant.

7. Document All your Communication With the Landlord

Sending emails and chatting on digital platforms are some of the easiest ways to document communication with the property owner. The importance of documenting the conversation is that you have some reference in case of disputes in the future. Remember to document the property inspection report as well. You will need the property inspection report at the end of the tenancy.

Are you planning to rent a new home? This guide on how to rent a home will help ensure a smooth process. Remember to involve a qualified property management agent. 

7 Hacks to Buy a House with Bad Credit (#5 is a MUST-READ!)

Is it possible to buy a house in Utah with bad credit? Yes! You can buy a home in Utah, even if your credit score is bad.

If you are tired of writing monthly rent checks to your landlord but worried that bad credit could keep the rent cycles going, relax! You have come to the right page, and we have some advice.

In this post, we feature some important tips to help you buy a house even when you have bad credit. I can guarantee you that we will not tell you to save and buy a home in cash. Keep reading to discover the secrets to buying a house with bad credit.

First, it is important we seek an understanding of what mortgage lenders consider to be bad credit.

What is considered a Bad Credit?

Unfortunately, most people do not know that there is no specific minimum credit score required by any mortgage lender for a home buyer to begin the process of searching for a house to buy.

The main point is that conventional mortgage lenders are free to set their credit score requirements. In addition, the lenders of government-backed loans give the lenders some peace of mind when it comes to setting credit score requirements. However, for the government-backed loans, they have to ensure a lower credit score requirement as set by the guaranteeing agency.

If you have a credit score of below 500, chances are that you will struggle to find a mortgage, and so need to focus on the following tips to help you buy a house in Utah with bad credit.

1. Consider Home loan Options for Borrowers with Bad Credit Score

If you intend to buy a house but you cannot qualify for a conventional mortgage because of low credit, the government-backed mortgage could provide an alternative. The different government-backed options for borrowers with bad credit include:

  • FHA mortgage

The Federal Housing Administration backs the FHA loan. The minimum credit score to get the FHA home mortgage is around 580. However, if you can afford a 10% down payment, you can get approved with a credit score of 500 to 579.

  • VA Loans

For veterans or active-duty members of the armed forces, you qualify for the VA loan, which is backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. You will need about 620 to be eligible for the VA loan.

  • USDA Loan

The US Department of Agriculture backs the USDA loan, and most lenders require a credit score of 640 to give the loan.

2. Work on Credit Improvement

Improving your credit score will most likely require some time, but it is the most practical solution if you intend to buy a house in Utah but a bad credit score is preventing you. With a good credit score, you will have more mortgage options, while you have the power to bargain on the mortgage interest.

Here are tips to help you improve credit score:

  • Ensure bills are paid on time
  • Focus on keeping the credit card balances down
  • Check and dispute credit report error
  • Keep credit cards active

Mix up the tips we have listed to help improve credit score faster.

3. Consider Local and Federal Assistance Programs For First Time Buyers

Various assistance programs make the process of buying a home easier even if you have a poor credit score. Talk to a mortgage broker and real estate experts to find out such applicable programs within your area.

4. Be Willing to Pay Higher Interest Rates

If you are willing to pay higher interest rates, then you have chances of qualifying for a mortgage with a low credit score. However, this depends on the mortgage lender you are working with. Talk to your mortgage lenders to find out if they have this option.

5. Pay a Higher Down Payment

Lenders might be willing to extend credit to the borrowers with bad credit, so long as the borrower shows the ability to pay higher down payments. The logic here is that the lender is taking a higher risk and they believe you are less likely to default a mortgage if you have paid a high down payment.

6. Find a Flexible Mortgage Lender

With bad credit, your ability to buy a house in Utah depends on being able to find a mortgage lender that provides more flexible credit requirements. Talk to your mortgage broker for advice.

7. Save Diligently For Down Payment and Closing Costs

We have shown that a high down payment can help you to overcome the low credit barrier when it comes to buying a house in Utah. Start saving for the down payment early enough and make sure you have separate savings for the closing costs.

Buying a house with bad credit is still possible. You just need to research the available options well and consult an expert.

The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Home

Home rentals come with shorter-term commitment and minimal maintenance or repair costs to the person renting a home.

While homeownership is the ultimate goal for a majority of Americans, at some point you just have to cope with the rent cycles. Let no one lie to you that renting a home is a simple and straightforward process. You need to do proper research in order to make the right decisions.

In this post, we feature a comprehensive tutorial for renting a home. Therefore, if moving to a new city and worried about the process to follow in order to rent a home, here are important tips to help you.

1. Prepare your Paperwork

The best way to convince the landlord that you are the tenant he or she has been searching is to be prepared. Consider that there are others looking for a home to rent just like you are. In that regard, to get a competitive edge over the applicants,  bring the necessary documents when you are leaving to meet the landlord. Here is a list of documents that I advise you to come with when searching for a home:

  • A completed rental application
  • Written references from your past landlords
  • Come with proof of employment or proof of income
  • A current copy of your credit report

Property owners will require a formal application from the prospective tenants. This serves as an expression of interest. The written references from your past landlord, proof of income/employment, and the current copy of credit report are meant to prove that you have what it takes to clear the outstanding bills.

2. Review the Lease Documentation

Upon presenting the formal tenancy application letter accompanied by the other documents, your prospective landlord will go throw them and send a response. If he or she sees that you are a potential landlord, a lease document will be sent to you. Review the lease documents before you have signed. Make sure you have gone through it to see the terms of the agreement and in case there is anything that appears not acceptable, seek clarification from the landlord. Some landlords will have strict guidelines when it comes to hosting and entertaining your guests, pets policy, or even rent payments.

Before signing the rental agreement, make sure you have proper clarification from the property management company or the landlord.

3. Research the Neighborhood

It is important that you research as much about the neighborhood to avoid a situation where you have moved into a  home rental, only to find that the closest school for your children is miles away. Thus, even before you are done with the lease agreement, take time to research the neighborhood. Luckily, today’s technology allows us to learn about a neighborhood by simply searching online. You will find information like crime rate, best schools with certain neighborhoods, restaurants, hospitals, places of worship, and entertainment places by simply using Google Maps. Create some time to drive around the neighborhood, doing what I may call “mapping the neighborhood”. The objective is to find which neighborhood best suits your kind of lifestyle.

4. Make sure You Have Everything in Writing

Disputes could occur months in your tenancy just because of some misunderstanding. To avoid such a situation, it is imperative that you get everything in paper. You need to keep a copy of the agreement for future reference. In addition, if making any requests to the landlord, be sure to have it done in writing. This can be a simple email to the property management company, or to the property owner.

5. Inspect the Property

Do not make the mistake of moving to a house without proper inspection done.  If another person leased the property, you need to do proper inspection taking note of any breakages. If there are breakages, the property management company should repair it before you have moved into the property. Otherwise, you need to take note of the breakage, so that at the end of your lease agreement, you do not end up paying for damage you do not own. The best thing to do is to demand repairs before you have moved into that property.

6. Protect your Security Deposit

To protect yourself and avoid any misunderstandings about a refund of the security, be sure to verify with the landlord the terms of security refund. Note that rent security is meant to cover any damages to the property or the installed appliances. In that regard, be sure to check for damages and requests for repairs so that you do not end up paying for repairing damages that existed even before you moved in.

Renting a home requires that the tenant pays keen attention to every detail. To increase the chances of finding a rental home, have your documentation ready. Make sure you have inspected the property and surveyed the neighborhood to ascertain that all necessary amenities are within reach.

Are You Making the Same Mistakes Most People Make When Buying a House with No Down Payment?

Low down payment to no down payment mortgage options enables more Americans to achieve the dream of buying house St. George. In this post, we analyze the things you should not miss while buying a house with no down payment in St. George.

1.Evaluate the Different Options Available

The worst mistake homebuyers make and especially those applying for a mortgage to purchase a home, is not evaluating the different mortgage options in today’s lending landscape.

For instance, just because the mortgage broker has mentioned that the mortgage type “Y” is no down payment mortgage, the applicant hurriedly submits the applications without evaluating the other options. You might be surprised later when you come to learn that the zero down payment mortgages you ignored, ends up becoming the best option if time was taken to evaluate the options.

To avoid regrets in the future, make sure you evaluate the mortgage options that are available before you sign the mortgage application paper. Look at the different rates, the lender’s terms, and applicable conditions. Careful analysis of the underlying terms and conditions helps to uncover important items that could be overlooked easily.

2. Ensure you Apply for Pre-approval With different Lenders

The FHA, USDA, and VA home buying programs are categorized under the low down payment and no down payment options. These mortgage options are provided through the licensed mortgage lenders in St. George. The mortgage lenders will apply different terms and conditions when lending to applicants, so long as it is within the guidelines set by the program administrators who in this case are FHA, USDA, and VA.

For instance, to attract more borrowers, a mortgage lender may ensure a faster mortgage processing time and lower interest rates to the borrowers. This is why it is advisable for the borrower to seek preapproval from different mortgage lenders. The objective remains to find the mortgage lender who offers attractive terms.

3. Pay off Existing Debts and Set Aside an Emergency Fund

Whether applying for a low down payment mortgage or the no down payment mortgage, the reality is that you will be required to repay the debt. Monthly repayments should be made when due to avoid blacklisting and possible property repossession.

During the mortgage repayments fund, chances are that you may have very little left to finance daily expenses. The amount saved before borrowing the mortgage can be used to pay some of the daily expenses like paying for your children’s education, funding healthcare and so much more.

In that regard, before signing the application for a low down payment mortgage, make sure you have some amounts in savings to cushion your family during the mortgage repayments period.

4. Never Borrow More than you Can Repay

The fact that it is t low down payment mortgage could tempt the borrower to borrow more than he can afford to repay. Experts advise that mortgage borrowers need to evaluate how much property they can afford to repay before signing the application forms. This is the right step towards ensuring you are not trapped in debts that you will struggle to repay.

5. Ask mortgage Lender About Cost-Saving Programs

To help offset the upfront costs; mortgage lenders provide professional advice to the borrowers. In addition, the mortgage borrower may be required to take a homebuyer program to be eligible for the no down payment mortgage. These lessons are important and could reveal different strategies to assist with cost-saving.

6. Check your Credit

When applying for a mortgage, credit is one of the key factors in whether the mortgage lender will consider the application. Make sure you have checked the credit score before the start of the home buying process. Consider that credit score will determine the interest rate and counts when determining the terms and conditions imposed by the mortgage lender. In that regard, make sure you check your credit and dispute any errors that could be dragging your credit score.  in case of a poor credit score, look for opportunities to help improve the credit. This could include paying off existing debts and ensuring bills are cleared on the due date or before.

7. Hire the Right Buyers Agent

Buying a house in St. George is a rigorous exercise especially when it comes to moving from one neighborhood to another in search of the ideal home. However, finding the right buyers agent will help you through the process of shopping for the right home. An experienced buyers agent will also advise you when it comes to picking the right mortgage. Consider that mortgage lenders work closely with buyers real estate agents in a bid to find more borrowers.

Are you buying a house in St. George? Chances are that you qualify for low down payment or no down payment mortgage. If applying for a low or no down payment mortgage, do not miss the things highlighted in this article. 

Is it Better to Rent or Buy? Find Out Which One is Better For You

To rent or buy a home is a debate many people find themselves in quite often. Well, we see many families opting to buy a house whereas they would be better off renting. However, home buying comes with an opportunity cost. This is in the form of earning on tax deductions, while at the same time, home buying means an investment that can grow over time. Similarly, renting comes with minimal responsibilities and extra flexibility. 

Of the two options, home buying is a solid decision compared to home rentals. In fact, homeownership is the American dream!

Here are important points to bear in mind when it comes to Renting vs. Buying endless debate!

In this post, we examine what it means to rent or to buy a home.

Home Buying Vs Home Rentals

Owning a home and renting a home comes with different risks alongside several obvious benefits. Before you have settled on buying a home, you want to decide whether it is the right time to take that bold step. 

If you are tired of the endless home rentals and looking for motivating factors to get started with homeownership, here you go! 

1. Home buying Comes with Stable Monthly Payments

A majority of first-time buyers obtain a mortgage to finance their homeownership dream. Chances are that the mortgage is based on fixed-rate monthly repayments. After all, the fixed-rate mortgage is the most popular right now. Therefore, the monthly payments will be predictable for a period of years. The stable monthly payments make home buying such a convenient option compared to renting

On the other side, we have home rentals where the monthly repayments can change from year to another. Under most circumstances, the landlord will set the monthly rent and serve the tenants with a new bill. This is mostly when renewing the lease agreements.

Stable monthly repayments come with a peace of mind. This is because one can come up with a long-term budget, which is important for personal financial planning. However, some monthly payments like property tax can change, but with a very small margin which is sometimes negligible.

2. Homeownership comes with an Opportunity to Build Equity

When it comes to homeownership, property equity is what comes into mind. In real estate, property equity refers to the current value of the property minus the total property ownership cost. Consider that property ownership cost takes into consideration things like a mortgage, and property maintenance costs. The value of a property will increase over time, and chances are that property maintenance cost gets lower. In the end, as the property value increases, the owner is left with larger equity.

However, getting stuck on monthly rent cycles means you are helping the landlord repay the mortgage. In other words, the landlord is using your monthly rent payments to build property equity. 

3. Homeownership comes with Tax Advantages

Not many people enjoy paying taxes. Unfortunately, paying taxes remains necessary for all of us. Getting tax relief is a cause to celebrate. Did you know that homeownership comes with some tax relief benefits?

Well, owning a property comes with the option to deduct the paid monthly interest from the tax returns. This means that as you pay interest on the mortgage, you are deducting some amount from the tax payments account. The tax deduction is a huge saving for those who borrow a mortgage to purchase a property.

If you are still living on a rental, tax relief based on the monthly rent is not foreseeable.

4. Freedom to Make Changes

One of the major factors you need to consider when deciding to rent or buy a home is the ability to make changes when need be. For instance, you may want to add a room or even repaint the living room. The terms under the lease agreement will not allow a tenant to make the changes without express permission from the landlord. However, homeowners enjoy the ability to make changes whenever they like.  This means that if you are inviting the in-laws to live with you, or you want to accommodate your grandchildren, you can opt for a room addition without having to answer questions to anyone other than applying for the relevant home renovation permits with local authorities.

5. Buying a Property is Cheaper Overtime

Buying a home comes with a host of payments. The costs include down payments, appraisal fees, homeownership cost, interest on a mortgage, and other hidden costs. These costs could feel a huge amount at first. Over time, the interest on a mortgage will be paid in full, no more appraisal fee and cost of property maintenance could come down. On the other side, rent repayments will in most cases increase as you renew the lease agreement or when renting a new property. This shows that cost of homeownership is considerably cheaper than the cost of home rentals.

Buying Vs renting feels like a tough decision to make. However, if the items raised here are taken into perspective, home buying is the best decision you could make today.


Do you need a partner to hold your hand as you seek to buy, build or refinance your home in Utah? Well, look no further. For a first-time buyer, we are with you in every step of the exciting journey to acquiring you a new home to ensure quality service and client satisfaction.  Our representatives […]