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Sun American Mortgage COVID19 Announcement

This might be a red light right now but on the other side will be a green light, and we will make it to the other side even stronger and better than before. Together, we will beat this! Read below for our action plan regarding COVID19:

Business continuity is about preparedness, redundancy, flexibility and responsiveness. As we all adjust to this pandemic’s effects and how it has, or may, impact our businesses and more importantly our families and loved ones, our team is closely monitoring the news and updates by the hour. We have met with every employee, and have reviewed our continuity and contingency policies to ensure all appropriate and possible steps have been taken to prevent any disruption to our services and support.

So, how is Sun American prepared and what actions are we taking?

Key aspects of our continuity & readiness to highlight:

  • All Sun American employees are fully equipped to operate remotely and securely. Further, as our entire company’s operations team is centered in Mesa, Arizona, we ensure that our award winning high quality services will still remain strong, and is built into the fiber of our organization. Our physical office locations have preparedness plans, and business operations are able to be conducted without disruption, should we close any office location.
  • We already adhere and leverage the most secure technology, environments & communication portals to protect our own technology, as well as the confidential information of our borrowers, partners and their clients.
  • In addition to a secure, remote workplace, we have and continue to communicate the most recent CDC guidelines and guidance to our team and best practices on how to remain healthy during this time.
  • We have reached out to all of our technology, telecommunication, and service providers for information on their continuity plans and readiness, and have identified a backup/alternate provider for all core/critical systems.

We are expecting the best, but preparing for the worst. We value the health and wellness of our employees, partners and clients. We continue to operate as is and do not anticipate any interruption in our business and the service to our clients. If you have any questions at all, please let us know.  We are more than happy to discuss and ensure you that we have the policies and procedures in place to avoid interruption to business as usual.

Stay safe, stay healthy, eat your vegetables, don’t get in a fist fight over toilet paper, and give us a call if you need us.

-The Sun American Team

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