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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone For Success

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Most of us have heard this quote or something similar to it. The comfort zone is a sweet and simple place, but no real growth is achieved there. Think back on all your greatest accomplishments. Kids, graduating college, moving to a new state- whatever it is probably made you a little nervous at first. That is natural and inevitable, but mastering the skill of pushing past that uneasy feeling is the ultimate key to success. Working in the real estate  or mortgage industry requires you to jump out of this comfort zone, meet new people, and learn new things constantly. So how do we escape these “comfort zones” and expand our businesses? Why is it so important?





How do you know you are stuck in a comfort zone?

The answer is when you began to feel stagnant or that you are not progressing. What business idea makes you passionate? What steps are you taking to complete and live out this dream? Be realistic about the time it will take you to finish these goals and break down how you will accomplish it.  

The more new situations we put ourselves into, the more we will learn, progress, and grow. Everyone has their lists of “firsts” in business. Sure, it can seem overwhelming, but understand that most people feel this way and its completely normal.

Accomplishing new things and checking off goals, gives us a deeper sense of confidence. Habitually training your brain to become introduced to new situations, strengthens your mind and eases your fears.  

Many successful people in the world have attributed their confidence from practicing mediation. Clearing your mind before walking into a big deal or meeting with important clients can help release any anxiety built up. 




There is a common theme to an entrepreneur’s journey and it almost always involves reaching new heights they’ve never achieved before. It requires making new connections and building lasting friendships with clients. Inevitably failing time and time again, BUT getting back up from those pitfalls or hardships.

These situations build character and teach powerful lessons you couldn’t have learned otherwise. This is WHY it is so important to dive into what makes us “uncomfortable”. By saying yes to a new adventure or something that sparks your interest, you increasingly grow your business and expand your knowledge of things. 

Keep putting action towards your goals and your confidence will skyrocket. Continually learn about how to make new connections. Train yourself to jump right out of those comfort zones and you’ll become unstoppable!


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