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It’s All About the Relationships

Relationships are an important part of being human. Whether it’s a friendship, a business relationship or a romantic relationship, they’re all important to our everyday life. When it comes to having a successful company and a happy career, it’s all about the relationships.


Is Building Client Relationships Really Important ?

No matter what industry you work in, you’re going to deal with people in one way or another (even if it’s on the phone). In the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry especially so. You help people make one of the most important purchases they’ll ever make. It’s a very personal transaction. 


Why are Business Relationships so Important?

It’s important to see your work as more than just a paycheck. You want to have a reason behind what you do. And, even more than that, you want to see the people behind what you do. (CLICK HERE to read about finding your why in business.)

Long-Term View

As you focus on building client relationships, you’re able to see the big picture behind everything. Instead of seeing it as a short-term transaction, you’re able to see it as a long-term investment. 

Yes, you may have helped this couple move into the home they plan to live in until they retire, but that doesn’t mean you can wipe your hands clean of them. They could refer all their friends and family to you. Maybe they end up having to move for a job change. Guess who they’ll call when they need to sell? You never know how you could help someone or they could help you down the road. 

Networking is important. Building relationships that could last is important. Being such a big, personal decision, when it comes to buying and selling a home, people don’t just want to use anyone. They want to use someone they trust or that their best friend or sister trusts. Fostering relationships will build people’s trust in you.

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Business Value

The better your relationships, the better your business. 

Being well-connected with several people can help you down the road and will spread your name and brand out to the community. According to an Inman article, “the more people you are able to positively influence, the more potential you open up for yourself and your business.”

Focus on others, give to others, and it will be reciprocated

For more thoughts on why focusing on relationships is so important, check out this Inman article

Personal Value

Focusing on relationships doesn’t just help your business directly, it also helps you. You become happier and healthier! And, in return, the happier and healthier you are, the better you’ll work. It’s really a never-ending circle. 

There’s no down-side to building client relationships! (If you think of any, please let us know.)



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Building Client Relationships

How can you improve your client relationships? Whether you’re trying to building relationships in-person or on social media, it’s vital for your success! (CLICK HERE to learn about building client relationships through social media.)

Maybe you’re not really a “people person,” or maybe you’re feeling in a rut when it comes to client relationships, or maybe you’re feeling great in this area! Wherever you may be on this scale, the following will be beneficial for you. Here are a few tips for building, improving and/or maintaining these important relationships.


Make Each Person Feel Special and Important

Give them your undivided attention. This means you don’t get distracted by anything else when you’re working with them. Have a ton of clients? First off, LUCKY YOU, but more importantly, don’t let the busy-ness show. Don’t make anyone feel like a check off of your to-do list. Even if you are meeting with 3 clients this afternoon, make each one feel like their time is important to you.

LISTEN. This is similar to undivided attention, but important enough to get it’s own bullet. If you listen, truly listen, people feel respected. It makes them feel good. Whether they actively notice or not, when they think of you, it will be positively. They’ll remember that they like being with you because you make them feel important.

Communicate regularly. Actively get back to them in a timely manner and be transparent. Be upfront and understanding. 

Do your best work. Obviously, if you’re lazy or sloppy, no matter how nice you are, people won’t want to hire you again. Do your very best work, and be professional. 


Walk them Through the Home-Buying/Selling Process

A lot of people don’t fully understand the home-buying or selling process. Be patient and understanding with them. 

Expectations. Make sure your clients know the expectations that come with buying and selling, and make sure you know their expectations as well. Sit down and have this discussion. It may seem unnecessary, but it will ensure everything moves smoothly. 

Be respectful of their finances. If you’re helping someone buy a home, stay within their budget. If you’re helping someone sell, talk about prices with them. If you feel that the price should be changed, be upfront with them and explain why.

Help your clients understand the process and all the paperwork. You’re here to guide them, to help them understand the real estate industry. You are their mentor. Share your knowledge.


It really is all about the relationships. Without your clients, where would you be? You need them and they need you! Don’t forget that building client relationships is part of your job! 


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