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Generate Real Estate Leads Through Social Media

In the competitive world of Real Estate business, creating a top notch social media presence is crucial for generating leads. If you’ve never been a big social media user, you may be asking why this is a necessity for your real estate business

86% of businesses have contributed most of their success to having a stellar social media plan.  Studies have also shown that customers would purchase from businesses with an active social media presence rather than without. This revolutionary change in marketing gives you the ability to expand your relationships, generate real estate leads, and better understand what people in your community are truly looking for. 

There is a popular quote that goes something like…

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

So what has always been your marketing strategy? In order to see new results (with anything), you’re going to have to try something new. Awesome leads can’t just appear out of nowhere, you need to create exposure for yourself and your business. 

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms for you to get started with, with over 700 million daily active users. Today, we are going to give you a few tips on how to increase your real estate leads through each of these platforms. 

We are going to focus more on how to generate leads organically, rather than utilizing the paid ads/campaigns through these two social platforms. If you want to learn how to generate leads via ads through Facebook or Instagram, give us a call and we can do some really cool training! 480-467-1069


Facebook gives you the ability to reach audiences you may not have been able to reach otherwise.  This is considered one of the top ways to generate real estate leads and helps you to develop a strong brand identity. Over the past decade, Facebook has created tools customized for business pages and continues to come out with exciting new features! 

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Creative Content

It all starts with great content. Always include a photo or video. Photos are interesting and speak volumes about your style and real estate page. Photos have been shown to increase your engagement rate by 50 times!  Engagement is the KEY! Every time someone likes, comments or shares your posts, their friends see that activity on their feed as well! This FREE exposure marketing has been proven to generate real estate leads

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to do this. Use captivating and clear photos that you would like to reflect that post. There are many free apps and websites you can utilize that will help you post the perfect picture for your content! Read here to browse through the top 10. 

Next, make sure your headlines for these posts are short and sweet. Keep the content clean and to the point. Put yourself in the consumers position. Would you stop scrolling and click on that post? Ask questions and keep your posts interesting! The whole purpose of posting is to engage your audience.



Mix it Up!

Keep your followers on their toes with different types of posts. No one wants to read the same old boring post everyday! Consider starting contests or giveaways. These are fun, engage your audience, and can drive solid growth and engagement to your social pages. If you have other Social Media accounts, share these contests/giveaways on these as well.  To learn more about how to run contests on Social Media click here. 

Another great way to connect genuinely with your audience is to throw in some personal posts here and there. Maybe you’ve picked up a fun hobby, or there’s a new baby born in the family – these types of posts show followers you’re not just all about business. Keeping your friends and community updated with whats going on in your life builds a stronger connection and makes you stand out from other real estate businesses around you. 


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Call To Action

Your Facebook followers may love your creative posts, but you’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t give them a call to action. Tell them what you want them to do and how to do it. Be concise and always ASK questions. Follow up these questions with a “Tell us in the comments”, don’t just leave them open ended. Look what happens when you tell your fans to specifically comment:    (via Momentus Media)


generate real estate leads - comments                                                                                                                                            

If you take a look at any of the top YouTube channels, they all end with “What do you think about this funny dog video? Tell us in the comments! And remember to hit subscribe!”

This “call to action” should be in your posts and on your actual Facebook page. In 2014, Facebook created an awesome feature which allows business pages to have a button that leads users to your website, blog, or to call you directly. There are many buttons to choose from, whichever you choose will show up right beneath your cover photo.


generate real estate leads - buttonTo learn more on how to install one of these call to action buttons click HERE.



Another great tool to connect with your community is through Instagram. Instagram is the fastest growing app globally, increasing its followers by 23 percent in the last six months!

This easy to use app allows you to post aesthetically pleasing photos, listings, videos, testimonials, and much more. Show off what you bring to the table for potential clients with awesome original photos and short videos of your adventures as a Real Estate Agent!

Here are a few ideas on how to generate real estate leads on Instagram.

Generate Real Estate Leads - insta

Past Client Testimonials

Reach out to past clients who have had a positive experience with you. Ask about getting a quick video testimonial that you can post on your social media accounts. Show off happy clients in their new big, beautiful homes. This is a successful tactic bringing in interested new home buyers and makes your posts seem more appealing and credible.

Using Hashtags 

As important as it is to use hashtags, make sure they are both popular and relevant. If there’s too many, that makes the post look unnatural and less appealing. Hashtags are important because this is a search tool many people use on Instagram. For example, searching #homeswithapool pulls up any photo that is attached to that hashtag. Use this to your advantage and brainstorm which hashtags would fit best with your individual photos. 

Comment and Direct Message 

Instagram is a great conversation starter! Be interactive with your followers and stay in touch with other local businesses. This opens up windows and will also help you gain more followers. 

If someone has a specific question about your business or the home you just posted, always be on top of responding as soon as possible. Try not to sound too scripted, remain friendly and professional! Direct Messaging is an even better option because it is a little more personal. 

If you take all these tips and stay consistent, we promise you over time you’ll see successful results. It’s impossible not to generate more leads if you make these tactics your top priority! Be patient, work hard, and promote yourself the best you can. 


How We Can Help You

We understand your busy and may not have enough time to put all your energy into posting daily. This is where our Realtor Marketing Team comes in. We strategize, schedule, and plan your posts, blogs, and any other platform FOR you. We are experts at coming up with creative content and attracting leads for your Real Estate business!

To get started schedule a Marketing Consultation OR call our Marketing Director Jeff Boulton at 



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