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Best Ways to Boost Real Estate Referrals

There are many factors that come into play when clients think back on the experience they had with their realtor. Did the realtor cause them more stress? Were they efficient and organized? Was the realtor helpful through their home buying or selling process? And many other questions that will rise up before they consider recommending you to a family, friend, or neighbor.

One of the most effective ways to grow your Real Estate referrals and business is through word of mouth. The Real Estate industry is highly competitive, so it’s important to learn how to use this to your advantage. 

Boosting Your Real Estate Referrals

Of course, any home buying or selling process is stressful. A recent survey actually showed that finding/selling a home is nearly as stressful as getting divorced and more stressful than having a child. It is near impossible to prevent the inevitable stresses that come along with this process, however, you CAN control your reactions to these different situations. How you remain your composure and your ability to calm your clients nerves, makes all the difference in how they remember their experience with you.

Today, we want to share with you 2 of the best ways to boost your Real Estate Referrals and ensure your clients have a happy experience with you.

1.Be Reliable & Provide Helpful Content

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This is key – before, after, and during the whole process with your clients. From electrician recommendations to your favorite paint colors for their walls- consistently providing quality referrals keeps your client more than satisfied.

Get to know the best of the best in your community, from pest control to interior designers- compile a list and keep adding it to it! Just become as prepared as possible for any type of style, questions, or recommendations your clients may need. To help you get some ideas, check out our Build a Better Home Series , or read our blogs HERE.

Even after the transaction is complete, follow up emails answering any questions about services you’ve recommended in the past. Maintain a great relationship as best as you can. 

2.Put Yourself In Their Shoes

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Psychologist Daniel Kahneman gave a phenomenal Ted Talk discussing how we “remember” situations. He breaks it down to two things- the peak & the end, he calls it the “peak-end” rule.


Basically, the peak is considered the most emotionally intense moment. It is more than likely that the peak for home buyers is going to be a very stressful moment. So when they remember their experience working with you, how you reacted will be their most memorable moment. Put yourself in their shoes and really think of how much assurance you would love during these types of intense situations. Especially from someone who has experience. Build confidence with your clients, maintain professionalism, and be their rock through this whole process. 


Lastly, Daniel talks about the “end”. Believe it or not, it is possible to end things on a bad note, no matter how excellent the rest of the deal went. Not responding to emails afterwards, giving terrible referrals/recommendations, or leaving past clients feeling unvalued- makes you come across as insincere.

This can completely mess up all the effort, trust, and work you’ve put in to building such a solid relationship. Always follow up, be as genuine as possible, and make it a top priority to be good to your clients even after the deal is done!

If you strengthen these types of qualities and characteristics, you will shine above the rest of your competitors. Work hard, be reliable, and honest. Understand the importance of leaving a lasting and impactful impression with your clients. 

Don’t escalate stressful or tension filled situations, but master the skill of maintaining a calm confidence when they arise. 

Clients DO remember the positive and negative experiences, and are quick to share with the world how they went. So take these tips to heart and lets start growing your real estate referrals! 



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