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Get Pre-Approved –- Make an offer: We will work together to fill out your loan application, review credit, and gather the documents needed for a pre-approval. A pre-approval lets you go shopping for a home with confidence so that you know exactly what you can afford and that you feel prepared to move forward! If you are looking to refinance an existing loan, this would be the stage that we review numbers for you to ensure your refinance is structured with your financial goals in mind.

step  2


Start the loan process: Once you are under contract to purchase a home or ready to start a refinance, the loan officially begins. We will also work together to make sure that all your documents are up to date and ready to be processed. Your appraisal is ordered now to help you determine that the home’s value is in line with your contract price if you are purchasing and in line with your financial goals if you are refinancing.

step  3


Submit to underwriting: At this time we will submit all of your loan documents to underwriting. Underwriting will review your file and give us a list of additional documents needed to close the loan. We will let you know if we need your help in gathering those documents. Once we have everything in, the underwriter will issue a final approval and clear to close!

step  4


Closing!!: 3 days before the actual closing is set to occur, you will receive a copy of the Closing Disclosure to sign. Once this is signed, we are able to schedule your final signing at the title company The title company is a 3rd party company that compiles all of the documents and helps to ensure all the funds are exchanged correctly between all parties. Once the funds are received at title, they will record the trust deed and the transaction will be complete! If you are purchasing, this is when you get your keys! If you are refinancing, this is when your new loan goes into effect.

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$450 Value

  • My situation was not an easy one by any means. Brandon and Becky handled it like a couple of pros. If you are looking for people who know their stuff and actually care about their customers the Staples group is the way to go!

    — Andrew V.-
  • The Staples group was great to work with! From start to finish they helped me with all kinds of options. They consistently followed up, and were on top of getting my loan done fast. I felt like they always were concerned with what was best for me as the customer. Multiple people I work with have also dealt with the Staples Group and have all had great experiences. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them if you are in need of a Mortgage.

    Adam Wade